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Antonio Callegari
DevOps Engineer @ beSharp.Born as a hardware-addicted, “classic” system engineer, I also like jumping to the dark side: the Cloud! And you know the effect that this mix can make :) Hand-making is my first choice, but a bit of high-quality automation is welcome in my projects.My free time is split between my family and the music, both as a player, and sound engineer.
A. Callegari - M. Costamagna - 11 November 2022

Welcome to the last chapter of our 3-article series about building PaaS on AWS. We started with a deep dive […]

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A. Callegari - M. Costamagna - 14 October 2022

Welcome back to our 3-step blog post series about building PaaS on AWS the correct way. In Part I, we […]

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A. Callegari - M. Costamagna - 16 September 2022

Introduction Thanks to the tools offered by cloud providers, in recent years, many PaaS products have become popular, i.e. services […]

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