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Mattia Costamagna
DevOps engineer and cloud-native developer @ beSharp. I love spending my free time reading novels and listening to 70s rock and blues music. Always in search of new technologies and frameworks to test and use. Craft beer is my fuel!
A. Callegari - M. Costamagna - 11 November 2022

Welcome to the last chapter of our 3-article series about building PaaS on AWS. We started with a deep dive […]

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A. Callegari - M. Costamagna - 14 October 2022

Welcome back to our 3-step blog post series about building PaaS on AWS the correct way. In Part I, we […]

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A. Callegari - M. Costamagna - 16 September 2022

Introduction Thanks to the tools offered by cloud providers, in recent years, many PaaS products have become popular, i.e. services […]

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In the last few days, I started looking at AWS Greengrass, one of the many IoT services offered by AWS, […]

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Mattia Costamagna - 18 March 2022

IoT ecosystems consist of thousands or more devices connected to a centralized backend that handles connections and inward and outward […]

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Mattia Costamagna - 21 January 2022

Over the last few years, we’ve seen consistent growth in connected devices’ popularity.  These connected devices make up the IoT […]

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